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[Jul. 1st, 2006|10:48 pm]
Single gamers


I was actual reminded that I should also update my information on here, since a lot has happened.

I graduated with my BFA and now I am living in Central NJ and working in Manhattan as a writer for an ad agency.

I had to give up WoW because my laptop decided to die and my current laptop can't handle it. I also gave up playing Vampire: The Masquerade online since everyone I use to play with, left. So, if anyone knows of a VtM game in the NJ/NY area, let me know.

Total Lord of the Rings fan and have been getting into Star Trek (TNG, DS9 and Voyager) a bit, but not obsessively. I also watch Stargate Atlantis.

I still play video games when I can, but after moving away from my PA friends, seems like I play them less.

Yeah, so still single and looking for that rare type of guy that is a total geek, but has a good job and showers daily. :)

AIM screen name is Artemis908 if you want to talk, I'm also on OkCupid as Arwen283.

From: (Anonymous)
2006-08-08 03:10 am (UTC)


been awhile sicence i have sent a message to you but alot of things have happened here. im now a certfied network admin stilll looking for a co. that will hire me for that postion, but i am working as a full time securty guard and as a vol firefighter. been playing obliven, nwn, and d2 on my pc and grand trazzmo 4, flatout, and burnout revange on my ps2. im also into lotr. give me a hollor some time. yahoo sn is memb_co67, and aim sn is phrexiancolossus. also on ok cupid as Eathine.
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