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Online dating site reviews! [Aug. 9th, 2006|09:24 am]
Single gamers


Been on a dating site and found it really worked? Been on a dating site and found only creepy-stalker types? Well, let everyone know what sites you have found work and don't work.

My reviews:

Target audience: College students - 30 somethings, with the occasional 50 year old.
Price: Free
By far, the best online dating site I have joined thus far. I have met some great people on there, even some of my friends joined the site. I've met several people from the site, none were incredibly creepy or shady. I've met my last two exs from the site, one resulting in my longest relationship. I highly recommend the site.

Target audience: All ages
Price: Still free for me, but I think they've started to charge if you go over a limit of messages
I have been on this site the longest and have met several people from it. Some were creepy, but only one way creepy-stalkerish. I have recently canceled my membership from this site because I only seem to get messages from old men, even though I clearly state in my profile that I don't want anyone contacting me if they are over 30. I have met 2 exs from this site. One cheated on me (but I don't blame the site for him being a jackass), the other is still a friend of mine and I don't regret meeting him one bit.

Target audience: Geeks of all ages
Price: $14.95 a month if you want to become a silver member. Free to create a profile and give a "wink", but you have to pay to send a message.
This website is geared toward geeks of all types. I have never even talked to someone from this website because A. There is virtually no one on there from my area, B. It seems that no one puts up a picture and C. It costs money to send a message. However, if you do feel a need to try out this site, make sure to tell them I referred you. =P Reference code: ACR8FNT3

Target audience: Mostly 20-30 somethings
Price: Free to join and you get "points" if you add pictures to your profile. If you want to send more than "winks", you'll have to pay $22.94 a month for silver membership.
I've met a few people from this site before, a lot of different sites use fastcupid.com, like Theonion.com. All of the people I've met from this site have been from New York City and have been sort of... full of themselves.

Alright, that is about all I have for now. Please feel free to share your experiences with online dating sites!